First things first, you pronounce Quinoa as ‘keen-wah’. It is a seed, it isn’t a grain. It is high in protein, it contains all 9 antioxidants and has no gluten. Quinoa is what is known as a complete protein. That means it produces all the amino acids we don’t produce ourselves. It has lysine, iron and B-vitamins.

It fits into your diet easily. We think of it being a basic for salad, but you can use it as a replacement for oatmeal at breakfast time or as a side dish like couscous. It works in soups, casseroles and even bread, the holy-grail of the gluten-free diet.

It has a nutty flavor and comes in different varieties; white is the most common in the USA but there is red and black too. Are you beginning to see a correlation between Quinoa and lentils? Both are under-used and delicious.

where to buy quinoa

If you’re wondering where to buy quinoa you can buy it almost anywhere these days, but beware! Quinoa experienced a massive bump in popularity and so prices skyrocketed. It had this “this is a superfood and it is good for you” vibe and as a result, hipsters led the way in buying small amounts for a huge price. It went so far as to threaten to make it too expensive in Peru where it is the staple.

But if the price makes you a little wary, here are some ways you can be sure to shop in the most price-efficient way.

Buy in bulk lose all the additional packaging and lovely boxes for a small amount. Maybe even look at buying wholesale if you can use the volume.

Buy online get it delivered directly to your door and in bulk.

Stick to white this is the most common and therefore the most inexpensive. Think of green lentils.

Make your own Quinoa Flour. Flour costs about twice as much as grains. Use a grain mill and reduce the cost by a half or so.

Quinoa is worth the experiment. It is so versatile and it really is great for you.